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    Since 2004, we have produced media to support individuals and organizations across the globe. We can guide you through the storytelling process one step at a time.

    Story Development

    Script and Storyboard Consultation

    Each of us has a unique story to tell. We'll help you differentiate yours from the traffic. From developing your script to building a production timeline, we'll drive your story to production.

    Content Creation

    Journalism to Motion Picture

    From single-camera to large-scale film production — we provide direction, set design, wardrobe and make-up, on-camera talent, motion capture, and voice over recording. We even have aerial and 360 video capabilities!

    Post Production

    Editing | Sharing

    Weaving your knowledge into a compelling visual storyline. Allowing media flow to carry concepts inspiring viewers into movement. Multimedia integration, motion graphics and LMS-based gamification expand our post-production toolkit.

  • Stories build cultures like trees build homes. What seeds are you planting?

    Here are the stories we have shared

  • Cinematic Music Video

    Yaima Music

    Seattle, Washington

    Cinematic Storytelling, Shoku tells the story of a tribe whose leadership changes with each passing Eclipse. Creating visual stories that help share your musical genius.

    Professional Introduction

    Greg White

    Orcas Island, Washington

    A personalized video introducing Greg Whites transition from land surveying to real estate advising.

    Documentary Series

    STM | Seattle Washington

    Today we begin a 3 month Wisdom Sharing Tour through India!

    Come explore India's wealth of wisdom in Ayurveda, diving deep into the Yogic lineage and connecting with our globally conscious community.

    Identity | Branding

    Beth Traverso Group

    Seattle, Washington

    Sharable commercials built for specific regional viewers highlight lifestyle and offer local knowledge.

    Facebook Promo Media

    Heroics Training

    Seattle Washington

    Titus and Lisa of Heroics Training Seattle offer a workshop exploring new discoveries around neuro-plasticity and somatic intelligence. Shifting the paradigm of learning and human performance.



    Social Purpose

    Episode #2

    STM | Seattle Washington

    Connecting with the Vedic lineage and building connections with our global community. This video series showcases the awareness media your contributions support, promoting the important Humanitarian work that is happening globally.


    Real Estate Home Tour

    Greg White

    Orcas Island, Washington

    Making Aerial video home tours affordable for mid market homes and their listing agents.


    Brand Awareness

    Sol Enrgi Solar Company

    Seattle WA

    This piece is intended to clearly communicate the Washington state residential solar incentive program and provide viewers with an authentic testimony to the viability of going solar in Washington.


    Farm to Table Dinner

    TreeCasa Wellness Resort


    Treecasa's organic garden provides this wellness resort with reliable farm to table dining. Explore the sights and senses of the TreeCasa campus, nestled in 10 beautifully crafted acres on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua.


    Arts Media

    Zepto Space Creative | Washington

    A taste of how Zepto Space creative group curates sacred space as an emerging form of boutique circus arts.


    Social Media Promo

    Hulakai Hotel and Ecology Community | Nicaragua

    A Boutique Art, Ecology and Surf hotel Community located on 12 acres of Tropical Forests over-looking the renowned beach break at Playa Maderes.


    Social Purpose Documentary

    Ezra Dickinson | "Mother, for you I made this" | Ted X Seattle

    A Behind the scenes documentary of Ezra Dickinson. Part performance and part activism, he aims to activate a conversation about the failed mental health care system in America. This story shares the memories of Dickinson’s childhood as he lived with and unknowingly cared for his schizophrenic mother.


    Social Media Promo

    Salina Group Digital Nomad Hub Nicaragua

    Participate in the complete ecosystem of Selina: stay, eat, work, surf, explore, and find a deeper connection with the world. Meet your tribe when you stay with Selina.


    Healthcare Awareness

    Laurel Prince RN

    SDSU California

    Presented at SDSU School of Medicine to heighten awareness around the importance of self care for medical professionals.

    "Self care is a moral imperative"

    Laurel Prince PPM Consultant


    Brand Awareness

    Background Productions

    San Diego, California

    A high end entertainment provider with over a thousand entertainers in their repertoire brings inspiration to you and your events. The work they are doing influences the experiencer to expand their creative genius.


    Social Media Promo

    Nica Surf & Sail Tour

    San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

    A welcome to Nica Sail & Surf, Nicaragua's #1 catamaran excursion and your ticket to an epic sailing adventure. Allow them to take you on the ride of your life while experiencing the beautiful tropical coastline of Nicaragua.


    Event Awareness Media

    Auroville Bamboo Center

    Tamil Nadu, India

    Bamboo Man invites you to the International Bamboo Convergence. A sustainability lifestyle and cultural gathering at Auroville's Bamboo Centre.


    Corporate Culture

    Forever 21, Designing 12x12

    Los Angeles, California

    Forever 21 has a full scale design department where they create apparel lines in-house. This piece was on exposition at a 12X12 Launch party in Los Angeles, California.


    Crowdfunding Campaign

    Anna Distefano

    Seattle, Washington

    PICMe' Kickstarter Anna Distefano shares her story and asked you for support in developing a social media application that reintroduces the human factor into the digital world.




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